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Lightweight ZIP Context Menu for Win2k  v.1.0

Right-click and unzip, right-click and create zip files, and the software is FREE. For Windows power users who don't want an intrusive ZIP program that gets it's hooks into *everything*, ZCM is the perfect alternative.

Find Compressed  v.

The built-in command line utility compact.exe that is included with Win2k and XP (and perhaps NT4) produced output that I found less than useful -- it was too verbose for my purposes (I wanted to generate a list of files, one per line). I could have

Multi Search and Replace  v.2.0.0

Multi Search and Replace is a 32-bit Win9x/MILL/Win2K/NT application that allows you to replace a string of characters (or words) with one of your choosing on one or more files. Extremely fast (approx. 150,000 replacements a minute) and flexible. It

Strings  v.2.40

Working on NT and Win2K means that executables and object files will many times have embedded UNICODE strings that you cannot easily see with a standard ASCII strings or grep programs. So we decided to roll our own. Strings just scans the file you

Ace Cleanman  v.5.4

Windows Cleanman is a file clean software for Win32 platforms, win2k, winxp or Windows. Main Features -------------------------------------------------- 1. Clean unuseful files of Windows 2. Define special folders or files to be cleaned 3. There are

MPXPLAY  v.1.59a5

Mpxplay is a commander-style audio player for DOS and Win32 (Win2K,XP,Vista,Win7) operating systems, developed in OpenWatcom C v1.9 Supported files: - audio: AAC, AC3, ALAC, APE, FLAC, MP2/MP3, MPC, VORBIS, WMA, WV and CDW (Audio CD ripp'n'play)

Shortcuts Pool  v.2.3

Windows Launch Center is a software for Win32 platforms, Win2k WinXP and Vista. It can category shortcuts by your definition Main Features -------------------------------------------------- 1. Popular shortcuts 2. Folder shortcuts 3. Program

Mailsomething  v.047b

Java mailclient implementing pop3, imap, smtp. Runs on various platforms, win2k, winxp, redhat, mandrake, slackware, freebsd, macos,

PP Pic Programmer  v.06

Production (3 level) Programmer for Microchip PIC on Win9X,DOS,NT,Win2K. Flash and Eprom, 14 and 12 bit devices.Printer Port programmers and the BEL In-circuit Dual PRODUCTION Pic Programmer

StreamSuite (NTFS file stream utilities)  v.1.2

The StreamSuite is a suite of commandline utilities written in c# that manage NTFS alternate file streams (currently only available in Win2k and WinXP). I hope to eventually be able to make it as easy to work with file streams as with regular

WINNT POSIX  v.rc.1.1.4

POSIX API for Win2K-XP. Mainly implemented in the driver. Included: write-on-copy fork, threads, mutexes, spins, condvars, rwlocks, signals ... Signals/cancelation interrupt all waitable syscalls, NT syscalls are automaticaly

Assembly Line  v.1.0

A Win32 (98, Win2K, XP, etc) virtual printer that stores print jobs temporarily allowing users to assemble them into larger print jobs which are then sent to other printer drivers. Useful for sending Faxes, building archives, front-ending PDFs etc.

OpenGL CPA  v.1.0

OpenGL CPA : OpenGL Control Panel Application For Win2k, XP, 2003. Gives information about your video card's GL drivers.

PP06 Pic Programmer  v.6

Production (3 level) Programmer for Microchip PIC on Win9X,DOS,NT,Win2K. Flash and Eprom, 14 and 12 bit devices.Printer Port programmers and the BEL In-circuit Dual PRODUCTION Pic Programmer board.

Binary Desktop Clock  v.

This is a small desktop enhancement that displays time in binary state onto your desktop. Perfect for quick learning binary number system. Fun in a computer geeks way.

Codec Pack All in 1  v.1 2007

Codec Pack All in 1 includes :

Connection String Editor  v.1.0

A tiny HTML application that will make your life easier Have you ever had to create or change a connection string for one of your applications? It can be a very difficult thing to do, especially when on-site and/or you have no development environment

Encoding Recogniser  v.1.2

Encoding Recogniser will help you determine what encoding was used to write a file by displaying the file in hex or and decoded characters in any of the encodings supported by Java. This program runs under any OS, (e.g.

Junction  v.1.05

Windows 2000 and higher supports directory symbolic links, where a directory serves as a symbolic link to another directory on the computer. For example, if the directory D:SYMLINK specified C:WINNTSYSTEM32 as its target, then an application

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